Fresh and seasonal food offers a lot of precious nutrients that are good to store for the winter season.  The desire was to do it in an environmentally friendly way,  at low cost, and in such a way that everything valuable remains in the produce. That's how GlobeDry was born. 

Our mission is to reduce food loss and provide an environmentally friendly drying option that helps to preserve all the beneficial nutrients in food in its most natural form. GlobeDry dehydrators work on solar energy to reduce the environmental footprint and cost of drying.

The dryer fits into the daily routine whether you are a gardener, herbalist, or food enthusiast. All you need is a sunny place in the fresh air. You can dehydrate herbs, vegetables, fruits, and berries and prepare all kinds of snacks - just let your imagination run wild. 


Reduces carbon footprint by using renewable energy. Off- grid. Cost- efficient. 


Keeps the food’s nutrients intact as it uses low temperature for drying (up to 45 °C). 


Fast drying cycles. Ideal for drying fruits, vegetables, herbs, and more. 

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Solar food dehydrator
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Tumbler composter 220L
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Tumbler composter 340L
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Feedback from clients

How does the dryer work?

Drying food with a solar-powered food dryer offers genuine taste experiences, as the process takes place in the fresh air, leaving the food with its characteristic taste and smell. The dryer should be placed in the sunniest place outside. In order for drying to go well, it is worthwhile to cooperate with nature, observing the weather and sunshine hours. Since the device works with the air drying method, air access must be allowed to the food placed in the cabinet, i.e. the products must be sliced ​​or pureed beforehand and distributed evenly on grates.